Cargo Bike

Food Sharing Project

Cargo Bike Movement’s Food Sharing Project received 354 votes and was awarded funding of £20,000. So far, Cargo Bike Movement has participated in 17 events across Edinburgh and two in Glasgow, reaching over 7,114 people. These events included bike trials and conversations to promote cargo bikes and active travel. Notable events were Meadows Festival, Critical Mass, Spokes Breakfast Event, Pedal on Parliament, hosting the CEC Transport Committee and the Running out of Time relay on Clean Air Day 2023, which received national TV and radio coverage.

So far, 451 days of cargo bike loans have been provided to businesses, community groups and individuals. Notable recipients include The Tool Library, Dalry Bike Depot, The Bethany Trust and Edinburgh International Festival. A plumber and a handyman who received loans bought cargo bikes for their businesses. 38 individuals have been trained to ride cargo bikes, including volunteers, new cargo bike owners and members from organisations like Edinburgh International Book Festival and The Tool Library.

Over 37 tonnes of food have been collected using cargo bikes and donated to the Shrub Co-op Food Bank, helping combat food insecurity and reducing carbon emissions that would have resulted from using cars or vans and from food waste in landfills. 

One participant said: “ I feel a lot of joy being able to get from A to B to C riding these bikes, so most of the experience is memorable in a good way! I like being able to assert myself on the road and be one more example for folk that cars are far from the only option we have for these kinds of journeys.”  

Find out more by reading the Cargo Bike movements application to the Edinburgh Community Climate Fund or visit their website